Dead HIstory

I'm using Dead History, a font created by Scott Makela in 1990 for Emigre. I google his name. I come across an obituary written by Steven Heller in 1999 titled "P. Scott Makela, 39, Pioneering Graphic Designer, Dies." He's from Minnesota. Born in St. Paul.

Dead at 39. 39!

Some tears.

I think about 9 years from now. I think what if I died. What would be left? My scraps. My piles. My receipts. My awkward requests for debt collection from a handful of financial services.

More tears.

''I come from a background where emotion and passion are everything,'' Mr. Makela said.

This. Emotion and passion. Some thing to contribute to empathy. To history. Even if it is dead history, it is still history.

Rest in peace, Scott.

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