new internationalism

We're connected. We have the tools. It makes sense to expand one's design services to other cultures and communities around the world. Right?


make.believe, 2012

Dead Leaves

Dead Leaves is wild. Thanks, Eric.

Nuclear Punk

Write 'suicidal' on the back of your chem suit. 
Write 'I am the virus' on the back of your chem suit.
Write 'I am not afraid' on the back of your chem suit.




Shot some bio photos against this dotted pattern (this is the pattern at 200%). I especially love how the color blurs from the sides, makes me wish this was how the pattern actually looked.
Julian Assange c.1995

USB Show

I created a piece with Josh Clancy for this Paris adaptation of Street Show. I wish I could go, looks like a fun event. More details here.

Deep Ass Thoughts


Seriously one of the greatest people of our time. Thank You, BasedGod.


B.C. 2.1

brshstrk_01.jpg, 2011
Prints now available at B.C. [link]

Kazumi Kurigami - Parco - Kichijyoji

Advertising's ultimate goal is to be able to crawl into people's heads while they're asleep and take a shit on their brain.

Design, on the other hand, wants to help you sleep more soundly.