Ok. So now we're hitting reverse and we've got some new data so we can continue buying Apple products. Great. Phew. Awesome. I was worried I might have to change my privileged, western lifestyle.

The problem with this and really any rebuttal of the original intuition is that it prevents people from thinking of solutions outside of the system. Data like this always functions like a reboot and it's funny that the icon chosen at the bottom, the command symbol, is there to remind us of our role in the loop.


Poster I designed for an exhibition at Third Party Gallery,  24" x 36" screenprint. Edition of 50
Where is this?

Seized (Whiteout), 2012
Close-up of a BQM-34 "Firebee" drone kill marking applied underneath the cockpit of a German Air Force MiG-29A Fulcrum from Fighter Wing 73 during Sniper 2003 training deployment to Eglin AFB, Fla.

B.C. #2

29 artists have produced black and white images which have been photocopied onto A2 size fluorescent paper.

Simon Whybray
Harry Meadley
Michael Willis
Dan Ford
John Bohl
James Hines
Samara Scott
S. Mark Gubb
Simon and Tom Bloor
Gergo Szinyova
Jamie Bracken Lobb
Jaakko Pallasvuo
Gustavo Eandi
Carla Valdivia and Patrick Best
Travis Stearns
Aaron Angell
Rob Chavasse
Piotr Łakomy
Kate Steciw
Clay Hickson
Sofia Leiby
Sean Roy Parker
Bonjour Jean-Jacques
Justin Baird
Milo Brennan
Tom Godfrey
Veronica So
Hugh Frost
Martin Cole