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What Kind Of Dub Is This?

What Kind Of Dub Is This Mixtape - 1:08:20

1 - Big Hard Excellent Fish - Imperfect List 1 (Weatherall mix)
2 - Cola Boy - He Is Cola 
3 - Skinned Teen - Ex-Boyfriend Beat
4 - Ruby - Paraffin (Richard Fearless Mix)
5 - Funki Porcini - The Softest Thing In The World (Motorway Accident)
6 - Dubstar - Stars (Mother dub mix)
7 - Yoshinori Sunahara - Elegant World
8 - Golden - Don't Destroy Me 
9 - Garbage - Queer (The Very Queer Dub-Bin Version)
10 - Slab - Cosmo
11 - Interlude 
12 - AMorphous Androgynous - Swab
13 - One Dove - Friend
14 - El Perro Del Mar - What Do You Expect
15 - Golden - Anglo-American (Mickey Finn Family Dub)
16 - Fudge - Nothing Dub x A Soldier in Thailand Audio Letters Home


Elevator conversations

I made several versions of these scripts to place in the elevators at a former employer. They were intended to force people to talk about something out of the norm of sports radio chatter and the weather (which is almost always a complaint, even when it's nice).

Process: HTDW part 1

Some of the process that went into designing How To Dress Well's Total Loss album. As you'll see in this part and the next one I put together, there was quite an extensive amount of exploration for just about every aspect of the packaging.

This came out of putting everything on separate layers and turning them on and off to create compositions. It can be helpful if you encounter a creative block.