Process: HTDW part 1

Some of the process that went into designing How To Dress Well's Total Loss album. As you'll see in this part and the next one I put together, there was quite an extensive amount of exploration for just about every aspect of the packaging.

This came out of putting everything on separate layers and turning them on and off to create compositions. It can be helpful if you encounter a creative block.

This painting is great, but it didn't really suit the music

We contacted David Maisel about using his x-rays of sculptures, but the budget wouldn't allow purchasing the rights.

after Peter Gabriel's album

This concept was scrapped because another record came out literally the week I mocked this up that looked exactly like this. I couldn't believe it but ultimately decided it was too abstract anyhow.

The artist, Tom, is a big fan of Janet Jackson, so we deconstructed some of her lyrics for a sort of poetic t-shirt concept

Janet tee idea, not used

An explicit rip of Tomato's typography just to get a feel for how it might work with elements like the tracklisting. It felt free, playful, airy, yet serious; like most of the album.

a tracklist treatment for insert booklet (scrapped)

vinyl label concept

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