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Where a right-wing republican puppet-president will always require emphasizing the foreign threat and the need for military spending and foreign intervention (republican rule means outward, expanding, dilapidating energy), a left-wing democratic president-puppet that is in special need of consensus (comes november) will always emphasize the internal, domestic threat (democratic rule means inward, soothing, defensive energy). Clinton had his Oklahoma, his Waco, his Columbine; Obama is having all these mad fascists who hate the world and make the necessary contrast with the all-loving, fatherly figure of the democratic president willing to include everyone rather than to fight anyone.
(Yes the global world requires now these "domestic threats" to be staged also abroad, such as in Oslo, Brindisi etc; this still works psychologically as a "domestic threat" because it describes a danger that comes from within the society and not from a mysterious alien enemy hidden in deep caves abroad, like the Spectre Agency. it is simply implied that this can happen everywhere now, because the whole world is "sick", like the 2012 Olympics ceremony explained to us.)

Simon is right to call these events stupid: they are not only stupid in the details of the fakery, they are also stupid on a higher, strategic level because they keep repeating this primitive scheme over and over:
the well-meaning, loving president who encounters an obstacle in the madcaps who, without any profound vision or deep thinking of any sort, but only animated by hate, wrong doses of antidepressants and the lack of a facebook account, simply do not want to be included within this loving, open society: which is supposed to motivate the rest of society to provide even more consensus and support, not just out of fear, but also to compensate for the supposed, artificial, unreal unbalancing of a community precipitating towards madness.

(When in reality few societies in human history have been so potentially healthy and sane like ours, was it not for the scumbags propagandists maniacs that keep them in check.)
by nonhocapito on August 7th, 2012, 12:10 pm

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